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Phone: 956-488-1660

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Compounding is a professional, well-regulated practice perform by a licensed pharmacist. It is the process of combining and altering medicine’s ingredients to make certain medication tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Pharmacy compounding gives lots of benefits to patients who have difficulty taking their medications.

With your physician’s consent, Ringgold Pharmacy can make customized compounded medications. Depending on your needs, we can alter the medicine’s strength, change its dosage form and add an appealing flavor. For years now, we have been providing quality, tailored-made compounded medications to all our customers. Because of this, we are the sole pharmacy that earned the trust of physicians and customers who look for compounded medicines.

Ringgold Pharmacy is equipped with the most advanced and high-standard compounding equipment and laboratory to fully accomplish our compounding services. Aside from that, we have a network of licensed compounding pharmacists who are expert and professionally skilled in making compounded medications. Their knowledge and expertise in compounding helped them to formulate medication regardless how complicated the medical needs of the patient are. Since compounding is continuously evolving, we make sure that our pharmacist is always updated with the latest compounding technology and techniques.

Here at Ringgold Pharmacy, we can make the following dosage forms depending on your needs:

  • Liquids for Oral, or Tube Administration (G-tube or J-tube)

Inquire us now about our compounding services. Our pharmacist will be delighted to answer your inquiries. You can reach Ringgold Pharmacy through our customer service hotline at 956-488-1660. You may also send us an online message using our inquiry form.

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