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1623 E US, Highway 83
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

Phone: 956-488-1660

Email: ringgoldrx@yahoo.com

About Us

Located in Rio Grande City, Texas, Ringgold Pharmacy takes pride in delivering quality medical supplies and pharmaceutical services that suit to your personal needs.

Ringgold Pharmacy is a community, locally owned pharmacy who believes the importance of quality and outstanding customer service. In every service we provide, we always make sure to give a satisfying pharmacy experience. Our comprehensive services range from compounding, one-on-one pharmacist consultations, to prescription management. Depending on your needs, we will serve you in an individualized way, making sure that your every need is being fulfilled.

Ringgold Pharmacy is known for being a home of quality medical supplies. Our FDA-approved pharmaceutical products are proven effective in meeting your medical needs. Whether you need vitamins, durable medical equipment, immunizations and compounded medications, you can trust on us. Aside from that, to give you access to affordable medical supplies, we offer a generic plan option.

At Ringgold Pharmacy, your medications are always in good hand. Our pharmacy offers free delivery services. Just tell us your desired destination address and we will deliver your medication in a fast, efficient and timely manner. You don’t have to sacrifice your valuable time in picking up your medication because we will personally bring it to you.

Being a trusted pharmacy is not possible without the help of our professional and competent pharmacy staff members. Ringgold Pharmacy employs licensed pharmacists who are well-versed in providing the latest pharmaceutical tips and advice. Their professional approach is always centered on your advancement, giving you an excellent customer service experience. Our pharmacists will serve you compassionately not on the basis of your age, gender, nationality, medical condition, language or status.

Come and visit our pharmacy today! For further inquiries about Ringgold Pharmacy and the services we provide, kindly give us a call at 956-488-1660. Our pharmacy staff will be happy to serve you. You may also send us an online message using our inquiry form.

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